Nigeria and its headaches

The problems in Nigeria have increased greatly and they are making the country unbearable for people to live in.  Nigerians face a lot of problems; corruption, embezzlement or misappropriation of funds, insecurity, lack of infrastructural development, unemployment, among others.

Embezzlement is, the allocation of money to some individuals or group of people to execute some projects who in turn spend only a part of the money, instead of the whole, to buy substandard materials to do the job. The implication of this is that the project will not be durable, while    a larger portion of the money would have gone into personal pockets.

Even the government find it difficult to fulfill their promises as they also engage in the diversion of allocated monies that are supposed to be used to build new schools, hospitals and other social amenities for their personal benefits thereby leaving the country and its forlorn people in squalor.

Unemployment, this is one of the deadliest scourges ravaging Nigeria. It’s appalling to see  several graduates of higher institutions languishing at home idle for a long period of time with its accompanying frustrations, leading to avoidable suicides.  A situation where a graduate hopes for a good job after school but because the country is in a dire situation where one can only get everything through connections, such a graduate won’t be able to get a job, let alone a good one, no matter the bandied qualification. That is one of the main reasons internet fraud, auctioning of vital body organs, emigration to seek greener pastures in foreign lands and other vices are on the increase especially among youths.

How will Nigeria edge out of these malignant problems? Nigeria needs more purposeful and sincere leaders who will engender a national rebirth to redirect Nigerians to imbibe positive values such as the collective interest of building a virile nation and its people ahead of personal gratification. This is the foundational way to go before other solutions follow so that the country and its people can be rescued from the current invalid system.


Orien Joy Oghenerukevwe,