New code of conduct for public office holders

After almost 60 years of wandering in the wilderness, Nigeria is yet to find a Moses/Joshua that will lead us to the land that flows with milk and honey. The people are sort of really freaked out by the stuff from the quivers of those selected to lead us. What have we not reaped through the selection?

The release of Boko Haram murderers back into the society; settlement of bandits and abject poverty in the northern part of Nigeria where the richest man in Africa is from; strong opposition to regionalism and federalism; the painful humiliation of Leah Saribu in captivity; the might of the Nigerian Armed Forces reduced to zero are major issues hat show that there is fire on the mountain.

When I hear the claim that the rag-tag, ill trained band of illiterates, out-manouver some of the best trained officers in the world, I laugh. Let someone tell us what is going on. Sandhurst trained officers of the Nigerian Army, though some have retired reduced to novices? There is no smoke without fire. Some of the no-nonsense Sandhurst trained officers are still around, even if retired. And I am sure that, even though they are retired, their old bones are spoiling for action to redeem the battered image of the military occasioned by sleaze and graft.

The new Code of Conduct is for those people, whether by hook or crook, to be picked to serve them by managing their God-given resources efficiently and with integrity, they should maintain the highest ethical standards in all their dealings with the people, their employers and most importantly lead by example, the breach of which will attract instant sack by those saddled with that responsibility – the people.

Public office holders should be held responsible for any misdemeanour by all staff under their supervision, in matters regarding the preparation, keeping accurate, reliable and timely accounts. Same medicine should be prescribed for the top echelon of our institutions – instant sack through street protests by the people. Just imagine; oil pipeline vandalism and oil bunkering are all sustained through collusion. Tell me; Boko Haram, bandits, kidnappers, yahoo yahoo, all attrocities via the internet are all sustained through collusion with government officials and unscrupulous citizens themselves. There should be a general revival.


John R. Jimoh,


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