Nation on the wane

A nation is subject to a worst kind of misery when altruism is as scanty as grasses on the rock, for when the rain of sorrow falls, only those who lack shelter suffer the most. Such is the case of this nation’s political panjandrums that cheaply render the plight of the populace as woes without promises of any end thus, birthing the emptiness of rich hopes in our pockets while offering our mindsets poverty, theft, thuggery and other deleterious means of survival.

But, should corruption be the core option in a country where such leaders sing to our ears, album of lies that we ignorantly dance to during every four years of electioneering? Little wonder, bribes are placed in our people’s pockets in exchange for their conscience and voting rights. I ask, could this be a modern slavery in this contemporary age or better still be termed as raging avarice by the so-called power-mongers.

Impressively, on the streets of social media today, the young-shall-grow agitations have been birthing the hope of subtleties in the politics of today or maybe in tomorrow’s politics.

Yet, it should beat one’s imagination when those on whose dutiful shoulders lies the charge of a better nation only recently woke up from deep slumber and their taciturnity for the sake of participating in politics. They have seized the needs to conquer the cankerworm that is already eating deep into the marrows of fibers of this nation such that it paints its every facet with unbearable excruciating pains of sin we committed by giving the looters and incompetent politicians cum the corrupt public servants the golden chance to sow social menace in our land which we inevitably nurture on a daily basis, hence the dwindling national development.

Fortunately enough, the youths that constitute the powerful audience to the media industry are now the pivotal part of the society as an institution. Through the advent of technologized gadgets, the youths have been able to curb certain illicit practices amongst the officeholders of this nation who have plunged their kleptomaniac fingers into the sources and resources of our national economy. Before you know it, leaked audio and video clips of such menaces have gone viral online (social media platforms) thereby, gearing the media industries towards assuring that their duties are responsibly exercised.

Despite the incessant but laudable outcries of the youths in agitating for the rights to rule this nation, there are various exuberances that have become the order of the day. Should one delve into exploring all of them, lines of pages won’t satisfactorily do the justice. Nevertheless, a few lines won’t be spared or denied the privilege to occupy some major exuberance as they affect the future of youths and expected productivity from them.

Today, it should baffle one that many youths do not really know their purpose of existence, many of them just exist and do not really live because they lack self-acclaimed priorities that could stir one to vouch for their trust in being capable to govern the nation.


Ayobami Abdullahi


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