NAQS, MTN introduce technology for livestock management, export

THE Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine Services (NAQS) and MTN telecommunication, Nigeria has embarked on a partnership through the MTN Animal Identification Management Solution (AIMS), to properly identify animals for import and export purposes.

Dr Bala Mohammed, CEO Livestock management Services limited, explained that no animal is exported with no valid means of traceability and identification in case the animal infect other animals with disease, the owner and country of export will easily be traced.

“We are here to interface with one major stakeholder which is the Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine Service, basically the MTN AIMS is one smart technology introduced by Sponge Analytics and MTN as part of their contribution to moving our economy forward, in other countries, no animal is imported or exported, either animal or animal products imported or exported without valid means of traceability and identification, and in doing that, we are able to have very good information around food safety and food security and also around economic development.

“Today we crave to export because we need foreign exchange, but we cannot do this without having some of these smart technology in place because we are signatories to so may conventions of the United Nations for good governance, for productivity and security of lives and properties, and therefore the NAQS is being one major critical stakeholder we need to get this technology there, they need to know how it works and how they can apply it, that is basically what we are doing today as part of trainings for the staff across the country,  we are flagging it off here is Abuja, and we want to definitely go round the country making sure that all the staff are aware of the technology.





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