May Mamman return

As of Thursday evening, Mamman Daura, the only surviving member of the famed Aso Rock cabal, was trending so hugely on Twitter, just trailing Hushpuppi and two others. Unfortunately, the tweets on his London medical sojourn, weren’t a collector’s delight; they were basically wishing he wouldn’t return or return as a bodybag, a-la Nasir el-Rufai, the enfant terrible of the ruling cabal who is bigger than Lai Mohammed and his verbal terrorism law.

As unpleasant as those wishes were, Daura’s handlers, (maybe Garba Shehu), should approximate them, even if believed to be mainly from haters and PDP apologists and get oga to know about them, in a pleasant way. It looks like a slavish errand, but can be done by a true-born who truly loves the 79-year-old.

By now, it should be clear that something or Someone, is waging a war against the identifiable members of the cabal and that force appears stronger than the strongest of the team. Daddy G.O once gave the meaning of curse, as an invitation to all demons and elements of creation to work against a person, but the Bible is very clear that there shall be no causeless curse, meaning that one must be guilty before a placed curse, goes into action. It gets worse when the offence is attracting God’s fury, without mercy.

Social media has shown Nigerians are talking, in the face of collective adversity of lootocracy and official impunity. Gone are the days of chauffeuring coffins for IBB to die. Social media is the new rage-cage. The moment the news hit the airwaves that Daura could be battling the grim reaper with outside fighting-chance, the best of wishes he got, was R.I.P.

You ask if we had ditched our collective human feelings? Is the majority now bearing the DNA of the Ota chicken farmer? Imagine counting two down, two more to go, which is wishing Daura won’t make it as well as the President? Well, God gives life and losing it, maybe ahead of due date, won’t be without his knowledge. Though Daura is sufficiently old, I still wish him soonest recover (Shina Peters can sue) and the President, the best of health to see out the remaining two years and nine months of his mandate.

Between April 17 and July 20, Aso Rock has composed two dirges for the cabal which is now a feeble-man affair, managing a frail project in President Buhari. The cabal has always been mainly hated, including by those who love the president and now that it seems ‘come has come to become’ for the men of power, who are seemingly being harvested by a higher power, the harassing hurrays, can be in the context of answered prayers, instead of hate speech.

Yoruba believe a dead man is a full spirit, capable of super-human acts; hence, the respectability that comes with writing their tomb-side history, except for outliers like Obasanjo. Maybe, Baba Iyabo is staying with the scriptural warning that all unrighteousness is sin. That would make him a genuine child of God in a way, saying it the way he knows it. For those excoriating the former President, would they have preferred that lies are stored for the dead as the history of tomorrow? What cultural values are being transposed when a crook’s sepulchre is dabbed with efun (traditional white colouring) to whitewash a rotten bone and stinking breath, as future research materials? How do we straighten things with coming generations when deliberate lies are carefully packaged to confound an average future historian? Why do we want to confuse because tradition says we should not speak ill of the dead? Why speak at all then, if we must lie. Well, those choreographed eulogies won’t matter at the end. Hebrews 9:27 says it is appointed unto man once to die and after this, judgement. If those massaging the ego of dead men now, think doing so would get them same measure without repenting, they would soon discover that eclectic obituaries won’t change the reward of their wickedness. Men can’t change God’s accounts, with ostrich syndrome.

In coronavirus, the oppressors have come to know real oppression. Sympathies are also very thin for them. How can they get the mercy-eye of those who have been at the receiving end of their selfishness and unpatriotic acts. The rich aren’t only crying now, they are getting deserted. The poor are doing residence-distancing, giving the oppressors and their meat-filled homes the wide possible berth. Who wan die?

How I cry in my spirit that men like Daura would take useful lessons away from the vitriol-assembly of Nigerians whose only intimate connection is their handle monikers, which means their collective anger couldn’t have been a function of some nocturnal  conspiracy. The masses are truly aggrieved and when they rejoice at the seeming misfortune of Daura, the rumoured brain-box of his uncle and president, they are seeking a closure of sort.

I personally don’t see majority of the leaders as unfeeling. The oppressors are themselves under different kinds of oppression, even before coro. Because they won’t allow God lead them due to their greed, devil has taken the centre-piece of their existence and there is no amount of boko-knowledge, philosophy, law, codes and worldly wisdom that would deliver a good report for someone whose brain is in a coven. What about the prices to be paid for blood-baths at T-junctions around the country? It is only the blessings of the Lord that makes rich, without sorrow. What about the pledges made at evil altars where dark powers are sought for political powers and election successes? That is why what Aisha Buhari called nature’s self-cleansing when a cabal member dropped off, can actually be seen as a divine project; God’s weeding exercise and who would not rejoice at the continuation of such an exercise, at the risk of being dubbed men most miserable, by a child of Light who currently yokes with darkness. Leaders have died in this country and everyday men and women mourned endlessly. Nigerians haven’t become such a mindless lot, leaders should stop being heartless. May Mamman return in Jesus Name, amen.



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