Maulud Nabiyy: FOMWAN wants improved security in schools

Federation of Muslim Women’s Associations in Nigeria (FOMWAN) has called on the Federal Government to improve security in educational institutions especially as it affects the girl-child.

In a statement by the chairperson, FOMWAN Publications Committee, Biliqees Oladimeji, on the celebration of the birthday of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBOH), the association said that the FG should improve a safe learning environment and need for every woman to engage in skilful ventures that would make them job providers rather than job seekers for the interest-free financial facility.

“FOMWAN appreciates that the celebration this year is on the heels of the global survival of the second wave of the coronavirus which is negatively impacting on the socio-economic lives of the whole world.

“The celebration of the Holy Prophet Muhammad should transcend the pomp and pageantry, rather, FOMWAN advocates for sober reflection on the life and times of the prophet whose lives and deeds have remained indelible in the sand of history and unforgettable in the minds of the followers of the religion of peace.

“Specifically FOMWAN calls for concerted efforts to maintain unity and uniformity of Islam as a universal religion with unique characteristics and human-friendly features.

“We call on Muslims to emphasize areas of agreements rather than areas of disagreements as a formidable team.

“FOMWAN expresses deep concern over the increasing rate of drug abuse by youths who got into the habit through peer influence while commending NDLEA for the renewed and escalated fight against drug trafficking, we appeal to government at all levels to ensure that children are protected from accessing these dangerous substances.

“We call for a deep reflection on the virtues of the Holy Prophet Muhammad such as peaceful co-existence, good neighbourliness, and equal opportunities for all.

“We call on our leaders to embark on governance that will further unite the nation, secure and improve the safety of our road networks, ensure economic stability for the benefit of the entire nation.

“FOMWAN once again congratulates all Muslims on this auspicious occasion, celebrating the Holy Prophet Muhammad and pray that we witness many more years in peace.”


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FOMWAN wants improved security in schools | FOMWAN wants improved security in schools |

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