Managing Online Entertainment Time for Maximum Value

Are you someone who likes to mix work with entertainment? It’s possible to earn cash online through gaming websites, although it isn’t easy to get rich quick. Online gaming mostly attract consumers, but it still represents a huge knowledge base that can be transformed into a viable career. Here are different types of fun ways to earn money online.

Crafting a Business Based on Pleasure

Online marketplace platforms connect buyers and sellers of products and services. Some of the common ways people earn a fun living online are from crafting digital work such as writing, photography, graphic arts and software programming.

This century the dream of becoming a video game developer is more within reach than becoming a Hollywood movie star. It requires intense education, but it’s a path to success you can control if you attain high level programming skills. You can achieve your online career goals either by working for a company or marketing your skills as a freelancer.

Stock Market Trading as a Pastime

Another fun way to earn money online is trading in the stock market. You don’t have to be a financial guru to earn money, although the more you know the better. Just like with online gaming, there is risk involved with putting money on the line and ending the day with less money. Many people have lost substantial amounts of money in the stock market by holding on to losing investments.

Short-term trading, also known as swing trading, has been the key for dedicated traders to beat the market on a regular basis. One of the most important keys to this strategy is to practice a strict sense of risk management. That means setting specific rules to follow that have shown to deliver positive results. You should online commit an amount of capital you’re willing to lose.

These days you can open an online brokerage account for any amount of money. Committing just $500 to an account and trying to grow it from there is an effective way to enter the world of trading without risking your life savings. Writing down every trade and your thinking behind it will help you shape your trading strategy.

Video Game Coaching

Not everyone is cut out to learn computer programming, but if you’re a video game expert as a skilled player, you can earn money sharing your knowledge about the gaming industry. As a video game coach you can earn from $20 to $200 per hour. If this type of work excites you, build your knowledge about online gaming here and help others gain your insights.

Running a YouTube Channel

Podcasting has become a growing trend on YouTube in which people create their own video channels with regular updates on a particular niche. By monetizing your channel, you can earn pennies everytime someone watches your videos. The catch is you need to develop a massive audience to make a living off your shows. A million views equates to about $1,000 in earnings if viewers watch the ads.

How does someone develop a vast audience on YouTube? It takes more than just luck or good videos. If you just upload videos and don’t promote them, you may not get any views. The way videos become viral is through SEO techniques, online sharing and online advertising. SEO is the low budget solution, but the longest to implement.

The idea a video will go viral based purely on its content is a myth. It’s possible to make how-to videos with great tips, then get upstaged by someone who knows much less, but spends more time and money on promotion. You need great content plus some type of promotional plan.

Become a Digital Marketer

One of the most effective ways to market anything online is using email marketing to deliver a regular message or newsletter. Building your email marketing list can be done through various social media platforms. Once you’ve gotten the permission of recipients to include them on your subscriber list, you can send links to your videos. From there you can expose followers to your products and services based on whatever niche you’ve created.


The internet gives you maximum control of your lifestyle, as choices for business or pleasure are always at your fingertips. The age of telework has been accelerated by the pandemic as more and more people are working from home online. The more you work online, the more you can save on transportation costs, allowing you to explore the expanding world of online entertainment.



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