Legislators, constituents and Ramadan

Every season brings a certain novelty to the atmosphere. However, this year’s Ramadan season has been somewhat affected by the general financial crunch. But Lagos always takes care of its own. During the week Eko Akete learnt of how the Lagos State House of Assembly observes the Holy Fast.

Checks reveal that the Assembly complex now wears different looks depending on the time you visit. During the day, the State House of Assembly is a model of itself, a house of meetings and deliberations. At this time, the legislators in corporate or native attire drive in and out of the massive complex in no particular mood to exchange greetings seemingly burdened by state problems.

But as the sun begins to set, the complex’s mood begins to brighten. And just before Ashamu (prayer after the fast) the atmosphere around the complex becomes animated. A crowd begins to form around the complex premises, people from diverse districts of Lagos waiting for food – free food. They eye searchingly for their favourite legislator. Once located, another queue is formed behind him and to the office where the delicacies are cooling off. This way most legislators retire to their private offices, each with his own crowd. The feasting begins from then and continues till Ashamu.

It has been learnt that even people from Agege convene at the State Assembly Complex to break their fast.

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