Lagosians and Senate palava

Trust Lagosians to always put their mouths everywhere, including where there money is not. You can now imagine what they think they own. Since the senatorial imbroglio involving one of their own and another brother from different mother, they have been talking.

EkoAkete, as usual, was on hand to capture some of those charged moments on social media (what better place to catch them firing).

Temi (student, male) said:

“The day anyone beats my wife, what happened in 1893 will repeat itself”. Really?

Ekua (male) said:

“Coward Man, he doesn’t have any shame than to open his mouth and start vomiting nonsense. Is that the only thing he can do to  a woman? May God have mercy on (him). The man is really going crazy! How can such a grown up man say such a disgusting thing? #hissss.”A worrier?

Beta Pikin (female) again: “Only a fool beats up ladies..” Once A Victim?.


“If a woman doesn’t want to be beaten, let her not run her mouth too much. When the mouth runs too much,the head receives a knock.” Arggh!

DrJunaid God’s Son

“So! Beating up a woman and even threatening to impregnate her is by no means any sort of “abuse” to them cos, that’s actually how most of them were born, we called them (OMO BONANZER) in Yoruba, (children of bonanzas) “Buy one get one free” by their way of talking you shall know them, dem no dey write am for face!”. Pure ethnicism.


“A lot of youth are foolish and brain dead, hw can u encourage a man to beat another man’s wife just bcos u hate to see the man’s face, will u be happy if it’s ur wife or mother, wt is bad is bad and wt the way some youth comment on issues, I bet the future of this country is nt too certain”. The moralist per excellence.

Chy Wan

“They are paid handsomely for doing nothing, whereas some people work tirelessly for d government for months without pay,wt positive change hv they impacted since they were voted in.” Bad belle?


“A man who threatens to beat up a woman is a weakling. Pathetic soul!”Historian without fact?


“Look, there’s no reason y a sane man should ever beat up a woman, let alone a wife, worse still a Sanator of a soverign republic.” A conservative?


“Wow! Our policy makers making more news and threats than policies.”The Unconcerned?

Sweetest Diva

“Anybody dat beats a woman is a woman beater if he beats ur wife make him regret it….Shikenan”. The Judgemental.


“If a man says he will beat ur wife he’s actually saying he will beat u. U better caution ur wife or very soon someone will dare u n beat her if she doesn’t respect herself in dat house.”. The Arbiter

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