I take responsibility for my actions — Nkemjika Uzoma

Nkemjika Greatness Uzoma,  the initiator of cosmetic and skincare product, Kynkys Herbal World, is one woman worth her weight in gold given the success story of her cosmetic brand. The University of Western Cape alumnus in this interview, talks about her personality and business.

What are your New Year Resolutions?

My abiding mantra for 2021 is to take responsibility for my actions.

What attitude puts you off in people?

I actually get irritated by individuals who are fond of blaming everyone else for whatever goes wrong in their lives.

So are you saying that you take responsibility for your actions and inactions?

Yes I take responsibility for every of my action and the consequences that arise from such actions. I own up to my faults and I am not afraid to fall because many positives are drawn and learnt from mistakes made.

So you apologise when at fault or when there is a disagreement with someone?

Yes I do. I am a peacemaker and wants to live in peace with everyone.

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I even apologize to folks who offended me but feel too proud to admit it and come down from their high horses. I do so because I love peace and cannot stand malice and contempt.

That is why i get irritated by folks who never appolizes at appropriate times, such as when they know they have offended and know they need to make proper amends.

What kind of person is Nkemjika Uzoma?

I am a fun, easy-going person who loves live and values people, irrespective of their conditions or background. I don’t discriminate on any basis. I am one daring and determined woman who cannot be easily swayed aside or pulled over by people and negative or rough situations.


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