How to catch ‘fishes’ where others catch nothing

In about 30 years of helping people achieve significant results in their varied fields of business where their competitors have no results, I have come across too far many people, who are dying to catch fishes—get results—that are commensurate to the efforts they put into their varied businesses.

It can be so exasperating and frustrating to deploy what you know, without yielding desired and enviable results. What you know used to deliver results, but today, it is no longer working! Shift has taken place in every field of life, leadership and business, but many people do not know. To become successful in this day and time in every sphere of life, we need to keep unlearning and re-learning, because knowledge of yesterday becomes ignorance today. Yesterday’s knowledge was only good for yesterday!

Also, expertise and proficiency of yesterday is not going to help you catch ‘fishes’ in today’s world of business. You will need to be current, knowing what, where and how to do what you are doing. Many people are already rusty without knowing that they have already become obsolete! They are still living in 21st century how they were living in 20th century. They are still using the lens they used to look at issues decades ago to look at today’s issues. This is the genesis of many people’s crisis in life, business and leadership today.


This is the genesis of the reason many people are being frustrated in business today: Using old lens to look at new issues. 20th century teachers—who refuse to update themselves will lose their edge in 21st century. For 20th century business leaders to keep being relevant, they will need to come with slates and note books in their hands, learning how things work in this day and time. For yesterday’s leaders to become relevant today, they will need to become students to learn what works today. Leaders who find it hard to unlearn what they know will lose their relevance in this day and time.

I have had to counsel a lot of frustrated men and women, who were not getting significant results in their varied fields of business. Remember, businesses are about catching ‘fishes,’ but frustration sets in when ‘fishes’ are not being caught as expected. Can you imagine you not getting results, where you used to get them? What I am sharing with you is what happened to those who used to be in the forefront of their varied fields of business, leadership and life. When shift took place without knowing, they lost their places in the market-place!

To catch ‘fishes’ where others catch none, you will need to reopen your business, because so far it is not working does not mean it cannot work. When a business is not working, it does not mean it is an unprofitable one, you just need to know what you do not now. There is a depth of information that is being hidden from you that is preventing your business from birthing the required results.

Also, there are many people whom have not shut their businesses down but they are at the verge of doing so. You cannot afford to pack it up yet. Remember, so far the business is not producing the required results right now does not mean it is not going to become one of the 500 fortune companies in the days to come. For the umpteenth time, your business can come back to live. All you need to know is how the business can productively-work. No more, no less!

What kind of knowledge do you need to depend on in this day and time—when virtually everything man knows that used to work is clearly not working again? You need an inspired and intuitive knowledge! This is not the kind of knowledge that can be gotten from books written by men. This is the kind of knowledge that comes out of you. You can access it in the place of reflection and meditation!

It is in the place of meditation, reflection and introspection that you can access and contact answers to questions that are impacting negatively on your business. Also, it is in the place of meditation and introspection that you are going to get results for your days of toiling without getting commensurate results. Inspired knowledge is going to take you beyond your level of obsolete-professionalism. In the midst of confusion in your field of business, inspired and intuitive knowledge will give you a clear-cut direction on how to do your business that will cause you to start getting results where you once got none!

To catch ‘fishes’ in this day and time where your competitors catch nothing you will need to move your business from the ‘surface’ to the ‘deep.’ Those who are doing their businesses at the ‘surface’ are good at running lackluster and unattractive businesses. The way they run their businesses do not reflect excellence a hoot! The way they run their businesses do not attract anyone. This is the way mediocre run their businesses!

There are profound ways of doing your business that will wow both your customers and would be customers. To move your business from the ‘surface’ to the ‘deep’ is to do it in ways that wows both your customers and would be customers. When this happens, you are going to start getting significant results where others get none!

See you where those who are seizing 2020 are found!

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