History’ll record Buhari’s era as calamitous ― PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said that by 2023, history would have listed the President Muhammadu Buhari Presidency and the All Progressive Congress (APC) as “a calamitous era as well as that wind that blew no good in the life of our nation.”

The party made the declaration in a statement issued by Kola Ologbondiyan, its National Publicity Secretary, on Tuesday, in its reaction to APC leaders’ remarks at Monday’s national youth conference of the ruling party.

It said: “Of course, the APC leaders have admitted that the party is already heading to the dustbin of ignominy as it cannot survive after the Buhari tenure.”

The PDP, therefore, urged Nigerians to keep hope alive as they continue to rally on the platform of the PDP to rescue our nation from the misrule of the APC.

The statement noted that “the confession by the leaders of the APC who gathered in Abuja for a youth conference that their party and President Muhammadu Buhari failed to deliver, vindicates its position that they will leave office in 2023 without any legacy.”

The PDP described the efforts by the Senate President, Ahmed Lawan, to blame “President Buhari and the APC’s failure” on a so-called face-off between the executive and the National Assembly as a despicable juvenile excuse for the incompetence and corruption that weighed down the Buhari administration.

The PDP insisted that “now that the APC leaders have summoned the courage to admit that the APC and Buhari Presidency are a bunch of failures that have brought so many challenges to our nation, Nigerians expect them to advise President Buhari to end his Presidency’s recourse to false performance claims and seek help from more competent hands to manage the affairs of our nation.”

It added: “The APC’s leaders confession is stating the obvious as the Buhari Presidency and the APC have only succeeded in wrecking our once robust economy and turned our nation to a beggar country and the poverty capital of the world.

“Furthermore, the APC has excelled in superintending over the escalation of violence and acts of terrorism which have turned our nation to a large killing field under its watch.

“Under President Buhari, corruption has been elevated as a new normal, with officials pillaging ministries, department and agencies and looting over N15 trillion while mortgaging the future of our nation with reckless foreign borrowing.

“APC leaders should be bold to tell President Buhari and the APC that posterity will not be kind to them for their manifest misrule, which has brought so much devastation to our nation.”


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History’ll record Buhari’s era as calamitous ― PDP

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