GUS: Toke Makinwa schools critic in response to her hosting skills, appearance

Following Toke Makinwa’s naming as the host for the new season of Gulder Ultimate Search, many fans of the show have taken to social media to express their displeasure, as they are convinced that she is a wrong choice for the job.

One user Omotayo of Lagos @Tee_Classiquem recently used her page to voice her opinion regarding the debate about Toke’s skills and earned a response from her and Frank Edoho.

The comment read, “The truth is viewers lost interest in Gulder Ultimate Search the moment they announced Toke Makinwa as host. This isn’t about h*ting or anything, I just believe every TV host and OAP have their own area of specialisation, Toke Makinwa hosting GUS is as weird as asking someone to like Frank Edoho to come and host a beauty pageant show, wetinconsineagbero and final year exam?

If at all there will be a new season, then the organisers needs to better if they really want viewers and ratings on their show, they should learn to appoint people on merit and credibility”.

Frank Edoho @frankedoho, was the first to respond to the critic, with the words; Your analysis is absolutely wrong. Most TV hosts are versatile and aren’t restricted to one area of specialisation. By the way, I hosted the Miss Africa University beauty pageant twice in a row. Some of us do a plethora of work, we just don’t like posting.

Afterward, Toke Makinwa @tokstarr, replied the critic, “I would usually ignore this but let human TM come out tonight, how do you sit back and tweet this yet fi*ht for inclusion of women in a male dominated field??? Make it make sense. Since I was announced as the host of GUS It’s been one thing to the other, first why Toke, then it wasn’t about my hosting abilities but about my wearing make up, then it was that I’m not fit for the position cos certain shows are not for me, I can’t win with you all

“It’s a shame to see women who should root for another woman to get to her feet in the door so that a lot more women could possibly be considered in the future t*ar down someone who took a chance to rise up to the occasion. Should I have said no, this show is not for me? What happened to the young girl who dreamed one day to host this show, who worked tirelessly for years to build a brand that will take chances and dabble in different things? Should we not encourage dreaming big any more?

“It’s like someone looking at your appearance and refusing to give you that job because as a guy you are spotting dreads or as a woman your clothes are too revealing, in all of this it has never been my ability to deliver on the job but because I don’t look the part. The goal post keeps shifting and tonight I tweeted about this not because I care about the negativity, it’s a job, I rose to the challenge and I showed up and showed out.

“I tweet because of the young queens who dream big, who want to do different things, pls believe you can. Push yourself out of boxes society want so bad to fit you in, you can do it. Regardless of how people will try to discourage you. Remember you’ll make history, your name will be written cos you took a chance and it is worth it. I’m living my dreams, it’s so beautiful to watch.

“Tonight’s tweet is not about acknowledging “h*ters”, but to encourage anyone out there who’s scared to take a chance, it’s beautiful to see your dreams come true.

“I remember interviewing past winners of this show in 2014 and thinking it’ll be totally wild to get to host this show someday. 2021 came with an opportunity for me, I am incredibly thankful to watch my dream come true regardless of how it makes certain people feel”.

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