Great sex life package

MANY marriages are operating below great sex life level, hence the increasing rate of marital disharmony. If it is not divorce, it is in fighting, separation, or the issue of infidelity. The truth is that sex is the life wire in any marriage. If it is inadequate or lacking, the centre cannot hold in such a marriage. That is why it is not a surprise to the informed, the high rate of marital discord. It could not have been otherwise since great sex life is an exception in many marriages.

Sex has gone beyond the conventional “lie down and lay on” approach, which makes sex boring in this changing world of today. Knowledge in every field of human endeavour is increasing, and sex is not an exception. Every couple must come to terms with this reality of great sex life, borne out of increasing knowledge of how the sex act should be conducted. For any serious-minded couple, sex must be with a difference. That is, it must be great, and if it must be great, the following must be packaged into it.


  • Must be beyond normal routine

This means the routine of a couple removing their clothes before engaging in the act of sex is foreign to great sex. Clothes will give way, or go to different directions in the great sex act, when the fire of passion burns. Or is not true that yam peel strands do not survive in burning fire? Great sex is not like the track event process of “on your mark, get set, go”.


  • Must not be by schedule

Allotting time to sex act in marriage places a constraint on great sex life. It should be something spontaneous, rather than being regimented by time, and times per week. When a couple times only have sex at a particular time of the day or on a number of time per week, the beauty is defeated. Surprise is the beauty of great sex: you come when it is least expected, like a surprise birthday party. That is why early morning sex is a form of great sex: as you are waking up, you roll on each other, and set the field on fire.


  • Must not be in one location

Conventionally, marital sex takes place in the bedroom and on the bed or mat. Sticking to only such location will rob a marriage of great sex pleasure. Great sex takes place anywhere in the privacy of the home: bedroom, sitting room, bathroom, dining area, on the bed, table, chairs etc. The only rule is that of privacy.


  • Mono style sex life must be avoided

The mono sex style in marriage must be done away with.

The archaic missionary sex position of “wife under, husband on top” will not work for couples who desire great sex life. Multiple sex styles or positions have to be employed, or combined to achieve maximum enjoyment. Lack of such is one of the reasons why sexual infidelity has been on the increase. When a partner is not providing the desired enjoyment, the other party looks elsewhere to make up. Is it right? No! But, we must not tempt ourselves into it. That is why we must up the sex game in the home.


  • Lightings, decorations, and sex dresses at home set the right mood for great sex act.

Couples should deliberately set the right mood for great sex in the marriage, by using any of the above. Wives should learn to provoke their husbands into sex by their dressing, especially in the home and bedroom. Such will trigger the gun of the husbands for serious shots that will be right on target.


  • Honest feedback on sex life in marriage must be made regular

Couples must not pretend that all is well when it is not. Give an honest feedback, and work on how best to handle their sex life for maximum enjoyment.


My book, enjoying great sex life, is a must read for every married couple interested in enjoying great sex. Call 08112658560 for details. It’s worth the money.

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