Ogbono with Uziza leaves is totally special

Ogbono soup is a delicious dish, peculiar to the people of the Eastern Region of Nigeria. Whether it contains meat or seafood, you can also create a new taste from the unique Uziza leaves.

Miss Okies Restaurant, the home of fascinating taste when it comes to traditional food, gives this awesome recipe that would make your Ogbono soup different and tastier.




Ground Ogbono

Red oil



Dry pepper

Dry fish





Uziza leaves



  • Boil your meat and stockfish in different pots, later on, mix them together
  • Add stockfish, salt, seasoning, dry pepper, pommo, crayfish and red oil, the quantity of the red oil is determined by you.
  • After a while add the ground ogbono, and mix gradually (don’t cover it)
  • Give it a few minutes to cook, and then add your meat and dry fish
  • Add the uziza leaves

If it is in a large quantity, it is advisable not to add the leaves until you are about to serve, then you can add uziza and still get the fresh tasting ogbono soup.


Nutritional value of Ogbono soup

The nutritional composition of ogbono seed indicated that it contains 8.65% protein, 14.1% carbohydrate, 2.1% moisture, 1.4% crude fiber, 16.8% ash, and 38.9% dietary fiber.


Courtesy:  Miss Okiss Restuarant, a traditional food restaurant that has special value for customers, with goals to introduce new delicious meal. They can be followed on their social media platform as Miss Okies Restaurant.


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