Governance and theory X or Y

It is obvious that the whole government business revolves around three areas: policy formulation, policy implementation and policy monitoring. In terms of formulation, every government can be vocal by amplifying its policies on media but those policies end up not seeing the light of the day. The most difficult, daunting and Herculean task in the whole business, is implementation and monitoring, which are twin sisters. This might not be unconnected with why Douglass McGregos, a behavioral management theorist propounded theory “X” and “Y.”

Theory X categorises people whom when given a work, need closer supervision before they deliver. People in the Y theory on the other hand, need no supervision at all before carrying out the responsibility they are saddled with; all they need is to be given a job and they will do it neatly.

For any serious and responsible government that wishes to record success, inspection of projects must be among its topmost priorities to assess the level of progress being made, the quality of work done and the seriousness of the contractors handling the projects. These, when aggregated constitute and spell the prospect of any government, excelling in every aspect of development; there are no two ways to this.

More than scientific accuracy, one underlying secret that keep propelling the giant stride Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State is taking in terms of infrastructure, is his constant inspection of projects, in most cases, unscheduled.

What is most interesting is the fact that, in places visited, the comments of the governor differ; in some places he expressed satisfaction with the quality and the level of work being done and demanded that more need to be done; in some places, he expressed concern and demanded for change of approach for his administration accepts nothing less than standard, while in other places the governor offered them commendation. It means with monitoring and evaluation, a leader can understand how progressive or otherwise he is, in order to further build on the good deeds or reappraise his lapses. Theory X is the best to adopt.

Sulaiman Maijama’a


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