Getting back into shape after pregnancy

THE Internet age today thrives on setting the acceptable standards for everything, from what we eat to how we should look. Women who just delivered are not spared from the pressure that is propagated by the social media. Images of shapely, suave celebrity moms give you the feel that you need to do more when it comes to getting back into shape after delivering your baby.

With a lot of women snapping back from pregnancy with almost model perfect bodies, you are tempted to think there is something you are not just doing right. Is that really the case? Experts offer a resounding No!

Several gynaecologists have differed in the way they view the weight loss that occurs in celebrities. This is because the way of life of the average woman is a sharp contrast to that of the celebrity; not everyone possesses the lifestyle that will allow them lose weight so suddenly and under a short period of time. Most celebrities do not gain as much weight as other women during pregnancy, this is because they diet and take other stringent measures.

It is important to note that these celebrities and poster women have access to the resources that the rest of us do not have. If you are looking to get back into shape immediately after pregnancy, the way to go is not crash dieting or excessive exercise regimen.  The worst thing you can do is to push your body off the edge when you are just recovering from pregnancy. If you try it, you will be exhausted and discouraged. You are most likely to carry the baby weight for a little longer than necessary.


Take advantage of nature

Although most women feel that dieting is the quickest way to lose weight after giving birth, experts are of the opinion that a cut in calories is not the best way to start. Every woman who is breast feeding should be eating at least 1,800 to 2,000 calories a day. This is a necessity if you must breastfeed effectively.

If you are able to lose a couple of pounds before then, it is entirely fine but you do not need to force it. You definitely need all the energy you can get if you are going to breastfeed effectively; thinking about your baby as much as you think about yourself is important.

This is another area where celebrities have an advantage over the average woman; a lot of celebrities do not breastfeed their babies and this means that they can afford to diet immediately after giving birth. The good news is breastfeeding burns calories and you can take advantage of that to lose the weight you have naturally gained.

Getting enough rest is also critical in the race to lose weight; it is advised that if your baby is sleeping you should also get some rest as well. Getting enough rest is necessary to maintain your body metabolism and ensure that you avoid any long-term sleep deficit.


Getting rid of the fat

While you might not be able to diet immediately after getting off delivering your baby, exercise is a good way to get rid of the excess fat that you have accumulated. You will not only get your body back, you will also get the energy you need as well. It is best to have started exercising even during the pregnancy period

In a paper published in the journal of Midwifery and women health report evidence suggesting that exercise does not only benefit women who intend to lose fat but also assist with postpartum depression. Women who have recently delivered are advised to perform minor exercises in order to lose the accumulated fat.


Watch the junks

One of the means least spoken of when it comes to getting back into shape after pregnancy is the issue of unhealthy eating and junks gulping. During pregnancy, it is natural for pregnant women to crave unhealthy food and junks and this unhealthy eating habit coupled with the hormonal change contribute to the weight gain during pregnancy. To reverse the trend, junks must be off the menu. Eating at unnecessary periods must also be avoided.

While you might not snap back into shape as fast as your favourite celebrities, you can still do it nonetheless.

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