Sade Okoya featured on forbes Africa

With the Eleganza Group currently employing about 5000 people across Nigeria,‘Manufacturing is not another ideology that countries may or may not choose to practice, it is a key component for national growth.’ The company is rising to new heights and strengthening its position as a leading indigenous brand as well as one of the benchmark manufacturing companies in Nigeria.

In July, the Chief Executive Officer of the manufacturing giant, Folashade Okoya, who helms the affairs of the company over the past decade with her husband, Chief Razak Okoya published an oped titled ‘Nigeria’s Manufacturing Power Couple on the Future of Manufacturing in Nigeria.’ The article has been featured in the prestigious Forbes Africa magazine and examines the need for greater automation in the manufacturing processes as well as the trends that will influence the competitive Nigerian manufacturing sector in the next decade.

Chief Mrs. FolasadeOkoya has been at the helm of affairs at the Eleganza Group, where she is using her entrepreneurial drive to strengthen the goodwill of the organization and its corporate positioning in Nigeria.At a time when the manufacturing sector has been dominated by men because it was considered to be too challenging for women, she has used her entrepreneurial prowess to show the relevance of women in the sector.

The manufacturing industry is contributing nearly 13 per cent of GDP to the Nigerian economy. FolashadeOkoya and her husband are industrialists who have contributed greatly to this quota by transforming a small trading company into one of the largest conglomerates and indigenous manufacturers of household products in Nigeria.


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