Fighting religious extremism

One of the greatest undoing of the world’s present condition is the raving devastation brought by religious extremism. It has weakened so many economies and broken ties that earlier aided human oneness. No part of the world has been insulated from this painful reality.

Religious extremism only breeds violence and death in its wake. Nigeria, like many other countries, has been caught up in the web of this destruction. We cannot wait for the total annihilation of the world before doing something drastic about this.


Humanity stands a better chance of arresting this monster if all can work together in fighting this global madness. There is already a climate of fear which is succeeding in paralysing the cohesion needed to guarantee global progress. Religious extremism has reduced whole communities, ended promising lives and only left sorrow and tears in its wake.

We must isolate and expunge all trappings that propagate extremism and its varied manifestations. Nigeria belongs to all of us and we must fight to keep its oneness. No true religion espouses violence and the decimation of humanity. The globe has had enough of bloodshed and mistrust which has stimulated such violence. Governments at all level must propagate policies that promote religious tolerance thereby fostering unity and guaranteeing development.

Timothy Eze,


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