Why Fidelity Pension is evolving interpersonal relationship with retirees

The General Manager, Operations, Mr Gboyega Ajekigbe of Fidelity Pension Managers Limited, Mr Olalekan Idowu has said the need to ensure effective service delivery prompted the organisation to evolve interpersonal relationship with retirees under its pension scheme.

He maintained that creating healthy relationship with the organisation’s clients had assisted in enhancing its services and also provided windows of opportunity in evaluating the welfare and individual condition of retirees, with a view to giving them sense of belonging in Fidelity Pension Managers Limited.

Ajekigbe made this disclosure during an interactive forum with retirees in Osogbo, Osun State said despite the current nation’s economic downturn, retirees’ fund and investments in Fidelity Pension Managers Limited would not only remain intact, but also yield higher dividends for their benefits.

He said the essence of the interactive session was to achieve better service delivery, educate retirees on the benefits inherent in Fidelity Pension and also make research and evaluation on how the retirees were faring after retirement.

In his remark at the forum, the General Manager, Business Development and Strategy of the organisation, Mr Ibrahim Kaya described retirement as inevitable, saying it was imperative for workers to plan their retirement effectively, with a view to avoiding suffering, frustration and hunger after active service in public and private sector.

According to him, “we are here to assure our retirees that their accounts are safe and doing well despite the present economic crunch. We are not just managers of accounts, but managers of investments to make sure that all the funds are above inflation rates. From our rates of return, our retirees’ investments are safe and guaranteed.”

“The harsh and crunch economic situation would not affect their assets with us. It is a statement of fact that our rates of return are very good. We are one of the PFAs that is committed to growing organically. The trajectory of the economy and its peculiar challenges are giving us more grounds to get customers because our rates are above the inflation rates or percentage,” Kaya stated.

While observing that the funds accruable through Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) was helping the nation’s economy he averred  that “the National Pension Commission has released statistics, indicating that we have N5.8 trillion as pension invested assets in the economy.”

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