FG, implement confab report now

THE truth is that this country is structurally and politically defective; the ongoing bombings of oil installations, the cry for secession by the Igbo people, as well as the Fulani herdsmen’s attacks on farmers in the Southern part of the country reveal why it is important for the Federal Government to implement the national confab report which we had during former President Goodluck Jonathan’s tenure.

This is the best time for the confab report to be implemented, as it documents how each region wants to be governed in the country.

If the Federal Government agrees to this, then it will go a long way in solving the myriad of problems facing the country today.

I hope President Muhammadu Buhari can give members of the National Assembly the go-ahead to implement the confab report.

This government was elected on a popular movement, and it is also necessary for the same government to hearken to the yearnings of Nigerians on how we want to be governed.

Democracy is about respecting the wishes of the people. Even in the United Kingdom, the people voted to leave the European Union, and the government had no choice than to implement the wish of the people.


  • Jimoh Mumin,



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