Ebonyi workers, family members to get 10 per cent Health Insurance subsidy ― Govt

For quality, affordable and equitable health care services, Ebonyi State government has subsidised the Health Insurance Scheme by 10 per cent for civil servants and their family members.

Dr. Chinwoke Doris Achi, Executive Secretary of Ebonyi State Health Insurance made the call at the centenary city while addressing civil servants in Abakaliki.

According to Achi, the health insurance scheme would reduce the risks of untimely death caused by poverty in the state and also pull people from different backgrounds to have access to quality health service.

She then urged the state residents to key into the insurance scheme that will benefit them.

Achi further commended Governor David Umahi’s administration for subsidising the scheme for civil servants and their family members by 10%.

According to her, the government initiative is targeted at ensuring that everybody in the state is covered and have quality health service like the western world.

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How words: “This agency has been set up by the state government under the leadership of our dear governor and it is simply to ensure that every resident in Ebonyi State has access to good quality, affordable and equitable health care services in a manner that protects them from being poor.

“The health insurance scheme is just like any other insurance where you would pay some money upfront; not so much to cover possible eventualities in the future. We understand that people can get sick when they do not have anything in their pocket.

“As for the civil servants, they are state government properties. They are very important part of our workforce in the state. There are about 31,000 civil servants in the state; about 10,000 under the state. Then the LGA, we have UBEB teachers of about 12,000 and LGA workers of about 8,000.”

“The state government has shown great commitment; his Excellency has shown great commitment to this project. Just last week, it was agreed that the state government was going to subsidise for every civil servant and their family members by paying 10 per cent of the basic salary of each civil servant.

“And it’s going to cover the civil servant, the spouse and four children. Each civil servant is going to be contributing 5 per cent of the basic salary every month.”