Don’t give in to distress

The coronavirus disease aka COVID-19 is a novel pandemic that is presently ravaging the whole world in an unfathomable scale and dimension. COVID-19 is a noisome pandemic with alarming mortality. The world is perhaps experiencing unprecedented fatality of a particular disease since World War II.

The panacea for the novel contagious coronavirus is to, as much as possible, restrict physical contacts and avoid gatherings. Consequently, parts of the world are under lockdown to battle the terrible pandemic. A few states in Nigeria and the FCT have been placed on lockdown while people of other states are simply advised to stay at home.

While you are at home, please don’t distress yourself. This perilous time will pass away sooner rather than later and you and I will live to tell the tale (of COVID-19). While you stay at home, you should disrupt yourself in order to emerge better and make your light shine brighter at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel.

How can you disrupt yourself while staying at home? First, conduct a SWOT analysis of yourself. This is about you. Hence, be dispassionate, thorough and objective about the analysis. Second, identify your distinctive strengths and map out how to build them up. Third, develop a growth mindset that will give you a strong can-do attitude. But if you already have a growth mindset, then do a mindset reengineering to boost your creativity and innovativeness.

Fourth, locate your comfort zone, destroy it and reconstruct it as your stepping stone to a more successful career. Fifth, define or review what self-fulfillment and self-actualization mean to you with a view to achieving your life purpose. Sixth, up-skill or re-skill for higher performance of your job (whether in self- or paid employment), job switch or career change. If you are unemployed, use this stay-at-home period to reflect and discover your real self. You may be surprised to know that you have entrepreneurship spirit within you.

Last but most importantly, cultivate the habit of voracious reading. You may adopt reading at least one book per month. If you don’t like going to bookshops or if you can’t visit a bookshop now because of COVID-19, please go online and get good books for free. The time to start reading or increase your reading habit is now. Please stay safe and take all the preventive measures.

Yomi Akinola,

Oyo State


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