We are resilient together

As the coronavirus crisis continues to ravage the world, shutting down major sectors and leaving scientific, economic, political and social consequences, our creative perception is questioned. Is everything ever going to be okay again? The simple answer is no. The pandemic will leave the world in a different and likely devastating shape. We must all prepare to accept this unavoidable reality. Given that we are in a world that has resiliently overcome multiple pandemics and crises over many centuries since the 541 AD pestilence broke out in the city of Pelusium, we will overcome this moment too. Before the expected end to this pandemic, we are left with few leading options of doing our best to stay safe, utilize the moment and emerge refueled. We must use this moment of lockdown to prepare ourselves to unlock the future together.

Our generation is at a lucky trajectory of history when nature conspires to lock down humanity. This is a great opportunity for us to unplug and reboot our processes; a time to refresh, renew and restore; and a time to refill, refuel and reinvent ourselves for the emerging global order.

Sir Isaac Newton‘a generation emerged out of their own lockdown with sustainable solutions and innovation for mankind’s most complex needs. We have the advantage of technology and digital diversity that can help us to channel our energy to learn, catch fun and create new values.

Today, while we continue to celebrate the inventions of that generation, this is our time to galvanize our generation for bold, creative, innovative and sustainable solutions for the collective survival of mankind. Though it seems we have lost the original age of humanity, this crisis gives us another chance to stand together to build a more harmonious humanity.

Though we are tried and bruised, from Beijing to Berlin, from California to Chile, from Netherlands to Nigeria, we shall recover and rebuild the world. No virus can tear or cut the fabrics of human resilience and now is the best moment in human history to put our collective resistance to creative use. But we can only overcome this deadly pandemic if we continue to act fast and openly in contact tracing, testing and quarantining. We must ensure a coordinated and transparent application of public-private and philanthropic support and resources to tackling the pandemic.

In countries like Nigeria where corruption forms part of the social fabrics, we must shun our greed by ensuring that no kobo is misappropriated. It would amount to the highest degree of crime against humanity if anyone is found to wrongly channel resources designated to fight the pandemic for personal use. We must also ensure equality, respect for human dignity, social inclusion in attending to all patients and shun any form of discrimination and stigmatization.


Ekpa Stanley Ekpa Esq.



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