COVID-19: Despite lockdown, Churches hold Easter services in Kano

Despite lockdown by the Federal Government due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Churches hold Sunday services, especially the celebration of Easter in Kano State.

The Palm Sunday popularly referred to as the Easter celebration of Jesus Christ after His death on the cross was held in the state capital.

However, what only manifested during the celebration was the space distance of church members within the church auditorium. It would be recalled that unlike before the emergence of COVID -19, members were used to be sitting within the church.

Meanwhile, an investigation conducted in  First Baptist Church, a popular church in Kano portrayed that there were space distances during the church service, even a seat that used to occupy about eight people, was only occupied by only four members.

The church in service

In their sermon to mark the Easter celebration, the leaders of the church, Deacon John Bamikefa, and Deacon Moses Elusade charged Christians not to see the Easter celebration as only merry-making alone, but to reflect on what portray to mankind.

Deacon Bamikefa then called on members to use the occasion to pray to Almighty God in this trying period of COVID-19, the entire world is going through.

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In the same vein, Deacon Elusade urged the entire Christians to always remember that the Easter celebration, calls for sober reflection for people to know that Jesus Christ died for mankind ‘s sin as well to pave way for all to be in the paradise with him.

Both men of the Lord charged Christians, to see the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, like move to be closer to Almighty God, believe and hope that there were no problems God can not solve.

Deacon Bamikefa and Deacon Elusade noted that this trying period of COVID -19 would soon be a forgotten issue.

Reacting on the emergence of the first positive of COVID -19 in Kano State, “Our Most High God would pave way for the victim to be negative very soon and pray the state would not witness such occurrence again.”


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