Bisola Johnson: In defence of SCOAN

From the ongoing talks on Ruga settlements, to the ‘outrageous’ state budget for burials, the wait for the announcement of new ministers in the present Federal Government’s administration, the last days of June 2019 were full of interesting events within the Nigerian space. However, what appears to be frivolously insane, was the video on social where one Bisola Johnson accused the revered Prophet T.B. Joshua, founder and senior cleric of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), of “sexually molesting” her. It will be recalled that Prophet Joshua had just returned from a globally celebrated crusade in Nazareth, Israel, where there were healings, deliverances, and spiritual emancipation for the millions who visited Israel and the millions who also watched through the wonderfully ubiquitous Emmanuel TV.

It will be recalled that Bisola Johnson, through the years and with available records, had become synonymous with falsehood. Available video showed that Johnson had visited the Synagogue Church of All Nations over 13 years ago, seeking spiritual and deliverance from the revered man of God.  In that visit, she narrates how she had been in town since 1981 during which she moved with “bad friends”. Blending English with Yoruba, she narrates her experience to fellow worshippers, stating that at a point, she was a permanent resident of Eko Le Meridien Hotel for three years, with everything provided for her. She states further: “I smoked for 14 years. So, when I went back to school, my boyfriend in school also smokes marijuana and I joined him. When I left school, I got a job and I was transferred to Kano and that was where I really started moving around. I was with two governors; some commissioners knew my house and we had business together and I collected money, but there was no peace or happiness.”

She also talked about having migraines, which made her act irrationally. She recollected trying to get married seven times but “it didn’t work out”. She talks about some irrational actions she had taken in the past and said in her family, they “worship satan”. In one particular experience, she says that she dreamt of being bitten by a snake in her dream, after which she lost all her finances at the time. According to her, the frustration from her experiences led her to get married. However, during the more than two years of that marriage, there were fights between her and her husband and at times, it would seem like there were “invisible people” in the house. Afterwards, her husband said he was no longer interested in the marriage. She said this led her to drink poison, and he rushed her to the hospital.

She continues: “About two weeks after the incident, I poured kerosene and petrol in the house and burnt down the property worth around N3million. It was a rented two-bedroom flat. I drank a full bottle of schnapps so that I would be too drunk to leave the house. I can’t even explain how I survived. I just know I found myself in the hospital. However, somehow, I survived the incident and even told the police what I did. I was detained and it was my husband who spent over N200, 000 to secure my release, because it was said that I was meant to serve 17 years in prison.”

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After prayers, Prophet T. B. Joshua and the SCOAN gave her hope for a new beginning. Unfortunately, she relapsed, left the fold of God’s guidance and protection. After roaming without fulfilment, she returned to SCOAN, begging to be taken back. She claims to have returned as a prodigal daughter and begs the man of God to forgive her for being “stubborn and proud”. She says she has changed, stating that “something has touched me”. “Help me everybody. I’ve changed. Just give me another trial,” she says as she weeps profusely. Prophet T.B. Joshua asks if she should be given a last chance and she agrees, saying in tears as she rolls on the floor, “I will never come to this place in this form again.” Prayers are then said for her. Again, she left and this times final.

However, Bisola was found to be singing a different tune from what is available on the video recordings. Interestingly, this is not the first time she will come against Prophet T.B. Joshua. In one of the videos, she claims she came to SCOAN around 14 years ago, after her family recovered from a fire outbreak in their home and a friend of her father’s introduced him to the church because of his “malignant sickness”. She says she “unfortunately” came to the church with him. Of course, they were lies that she had concocted.

From what the videos show, Bisola appears to have left the church at various times, and comes back and is accepted by the church. For someone, whose past is forgiven, present is renewed and future is guaranteed, it is exactly clear that Bisola’s intentions are not genuine. However, if the pattern in which she operates is anything to go by, she seems to take any opportunity to use her story of scandalous claims against SCOAN to boost her nefarious status. One of this was her use of Dr. Sunday Adelaja’s Youtube platform on October 18, 2018, during which she was a live guest, to further promote her claims in the book.

The world has moved beyond one person’s word against another. There are many ways to discredit a person’s claim. The most successful has always been provision of evidence. Bisola Johnson lacks any modicum of truth and therefore should be ignored. She had come seeking help from her spiritual poverty and lack. Her life had been meaningless. She told the whole church that she needed help from her spiritual bondage. She was helped and later allowed the devil take hold of her. Why this wicked accusation against God’s anointed? Only time will tell. Yet, in his characteristic manner, Prophet Joshua will advocate love and the allowance of God to take vengeance for his people at the appropriate time.