ASSBIFI advocates decent environment for workers

ASSBIFI advocates decent environment for workers
From left, President, Academic Staff Union of Secondary Schools of Nigeria, Comrade Kazeem Labaika presenting an award of Diamond Chamber of Tutor to President, Association of Senior Staff of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institution, Comrade OyinkanOlasanoye, with them are Chairman Trade Union Congress, Comrade Francis Ogunremi and former Commissioner of Finance, Muhammed Olagbaye, during 2017 World Teacher’s Day celebration, in Lagos State, recently.

The Association of Senior Staff for Banks, Insurance and other Financial Institutions (ASSBIFI) has called for decent work conditions and environment for workers.

Speaking during the celebration of World Decent Work Day in Lagos at the weekend, the National President, ASSBIFI, Comrade Oyinkan Olasanoye, stated that for the past 10 years, ASSBIFI has joined the world to campaign for Decent Work environment.

According to her, the association believes that when there is a decent work environment, good wage, good conditions of service and social amenities, workers will be at peace and produce more and keep the organisation going.

She said: “With the global economic crisis hitting workers hard in the country, a work can only be decent when it has fair income that enhances workers standard of living, it’s safe and secured, with social protection for the family without greedy corporation setting the rule of the economy.

“Globalisation and technology have created incredible wealth in the working place but left too many working people marginalised and fearful of insured future and hoping for a pay rise as economic recession has taken its toll on people, institutions and organisations. Its manifestation is seen in the escalating job losses, unemployment, hunger, poverty, factory and business closures, and irregularity in worker’s salary payment.

“The business environment has been described as “challenging, unpredictable, unstable and energy sapping.” However executive compensation has grown to about 250 per cent faster than workers’ income, yet corporations blames high cost of doing business on workers.”

She emphasised that the International Labour Organisation (ILO) recommendation 71, recommends that decent work and employment are tools to accelerate peace which brings about development.

She therefore called on Governments to use decent work as an action to bring about economic growth and build a new global economy that put people first without struggling for living minimum wage and a pay rise for all workers.

“We therefore implore all workers to come together as one in solidarity condemn precarious work, condemn slave labour, condemn insecurity, condemn unfair wages and all forms of salary indirect reduction by whatever names and all unfair labour practices. Let us all say no to corporate greed, let’s all demand for living minimum wages, and a pay rise to all workers,” she said.


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