Again, Muslim groups make case for Palestine

FAITH-BASED and human rights organisations in Nigeria have again called on the United Nations and all people of good conscience to protect the Palestinians’ rights to life and property.

The groups, at a joint press conference last weekend in Lagos, said wanton killing of innocent Palestinians, destruction of property and illegal occupation by the Israeli government must discontinue.

The leader of the coalition, Waheed Atoyebi, who is also the head of the Muslim Awareness International (MAI), said: “It is with a broken heart that I express my concern on behalf of other Nigerian organisations and speak against the open violation of human rights and international laws by the Israeli occupation forces in Palestine.”

Some of the organisations that formed the coalition are The Muslim Congress (TMC), Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN), Muslim Public Affairs Centre (MPAC) and Guild of Muslim Professionals (GMP).

The MAI director condemned Israel’s continued violation of human rights and perpetration of war crimes in Palestine, including the recent 11-day bombardment.

According to him, in recent events, about 264 Palestinians were killed, including 65 children.

“The assault being committed by Israeli occupation forces is no respecter of religion or territory. As it destroyed Muslims’ sanctuary, so it destroyed Christians’ holy places. Both Palestinian Muslims and Christians are being murdered by the Israeli forces.

“They kill, maim, destroy and violate international laws and human rights of others without being brought to book,” he added.

Atoyebi, therefore, asked the US to stop giving unconditional support to Israel to continue its “illegal activities” in Palestine and called on the United Nations to bring Israel to book and establish a sovereign nation of Palestine.


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