A closed mouth, a closed destiny

Following the recent video that went viral on social media platforms about a Delta girl named Success Stephanie Idoler, who preferred to be flogged rather than sent home for tuition fee.

The video, recorded by a lady, who happens to be the neighborhood, posted the video with the intension that no one could predict, if it was to rubbish the girl or to call people to her aid.

However, to recall that so many successes have found this Success girl and the lady, with financial, education, moral and many more help assistance worldwide.

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In essence, what I felt happened is in two way dimension and transformation. Firstly, God’s grace was sufficient for them both for such scenario to happen, go viral and be of public interest. Because I am sure that something of such could have happened and uploaded on social media but won’t call for public attention.  Secondly and to be honest, transparency, courage, outspokenness and smartness helped the 7-year old girl to succeed at that tender age. On the other way round, she could be smart, bold and outspoken, but if the video had not been dramatic, there is probability she wouldn’t be publicly known today.

In digression to the lady, who is presently in National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Orientation Camp, voiced out on Sunday during service in camp, which paved way for her to be given money of about 3 million by a pastor and many donors to encourage her for the steps she took.

All in all, I believe in the adage which says “a closed mouth is closed destiny.” Opportunities are to be grabbed and implemented on without delay. But all the same, I think it is high time the government rose to their responsibility and do the needful. I imagined student sent home in a government school where education is said to be free. The government should inspect and checkmate all public schools to provide the necessary facilities needed.

Education is the best legacy but in what format or foundation to be educated? I encourage us to voice out for help and at the same time be very careful and vigilant. Let’s not be victims of a closed mouth hence, closed destiny.

Deborah Mustapha,


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