2022: The year of ceteris paribus

What does the New Year hold?This seemingly rhetorical question has answers. Considering the natural uncertainty of life itself and man-made unpredictability, a combo of vague but reasonable response, will readily jump up. First, is, “nobody knows”. The concluding part, will be “except God”.

That would be for those who have learnt not to contest the supremacy of the Almighty, without getting indolent with their God-given talents and abilities.

However, experts who love their pseudo-omniscient capabilities, will still go predictive, getting circumstantial and projective, while relying of precedents, data, numbers, statistics and science. In the face of God of science o!

Daddy G.O spoke of his encounter with three arguments about the existence of God, in relation to the existence of man, in the affairs of humanity. The first is, God exists, He created man and left him to his devices, unbothered about what he makes of the gift of universe from Him. Second, is that God existed, created man and possibly died because He couldn’t have been alive, watching man, make a total mess of the beautiful world He created. At least, the first time He beheld the works of creation in Genesis, He looked at all He created and saw they were beautiful. At that time of the final assessment, man had also been created! Third, is that God doesn’t exist and man just evolved from apes’ family and the Big Bang theory brought forward the universe?

Ok. Fine arguments. Only that the third looks a bit unintelligible. Who created the cosmic element that blew into pieces to form the planets including the earth and who created the monkeys and chimps that transmogrified into man?

The first and second are substantially circumstantial. Anyone genuinely worried about the way humanity was transgressing on a roller-coaster pre-Covid, would want to ask questions about God, still ruling in the affairs of man.

Now as the United Nations, on behalf of the rest of humanity, marks the second anniversary of Covid-19, whoever is still advancing the first and second arguments, is possibly blind, deaf and dumb. God has clearly not abandoned the beautiful world He created, to the caprices of man, particularly the evil minds that have taken control of global politics, weaponising perceived standardized education, global developmental agencies, poverty in the third world (largely created by them), aids to struggling nations, global terrorism (founded and funded mostly by these men of power), politics and the perceived flourishing of their economies, to vigorously push demonic agenda that further railroaded humanity into the dungeon of unrighteousness.

The last two years have witnessed disruptions in everyday life, in a magnitude the current generations, never experienced. Even the boisterous so-called Emeritus experts have been quietened by a pandemic that keeps mutating in a way that has shamed science incredibly. Wave after wave, the unseen enemy kept the world at the edge all through the year and when the cymbals were being fished out to celebrate a hard-earned victory over the virus, it changed the game with omicron and the waiting game begins again, for man.

The message is simple; God still rules in the affairs of man. He didn’t abandon the world to the men of power who have become completely abusive towards holiness and righteous living. He just gave men the latitude to retrace their steps. When the evil frontiers appeared to be crossing all hitherto sacred thresholds, He stepped in, to confuse men again, like He did at the Tower of Babel. Is anyone noticing the similarities in how God confused the tongues of those building the infamous tower and the vaccine debate and ruckus, especially in the United States and most part of Europe? In Africa, where our leaders love being the boi-boi (genuflecting errand men) of the West, it is just about when they are delivering the vaccine and issuing decrees to the get everybody to the vaccination table. So, why won’t they deliver close-to-expire vaccine to us? We should even be thankful that some conscientious persons at NAFDAC discovered and decided to tell and not sell to desperate fellows who are possibly planning foreign trips and must be vaxed to be allowed entry. It would have cost nothing for experts in fake drug business, to move content into new bottles and print new Best Before dates on them. Moving nearly-expired vaccine to Africa is a double jeopardy. First, there is widespread suspicion about the pharmacology and pharmacognosy of the vaccine and the intent of those promoting it like Bill Gates, the billionaire idolater and adulterer, who is constantly worried about world population and how to reduce it. If the vaccine is packaged to decimate global population in a few years from now, and its poisoned variant is also brought to Africa, is black man not doomed?

But God has a way of rubbishing projections of those who follow science and demonise those who follow Him. When the pandemic broke, all eyes were on Africa to become a mass grave, because the black man was deemed inherently inadequate to take care of himself, let alone an unseen enemy. Without gloating over the two million lives the United Nations’s 9th Secretary General, Antonio Guterres claimed had been lost to the pandemic, an infinitesimal fraction was attributable to the “unprepared and always-inadequate” race.

That should tell something to those seeking to replace God with science. He has a way of confounding the wise with “foolish” things.

The only thing that is guaranteed in 2022 is that God will remain God and man, will remain man. For the world to know peace, starting from this year, projections should be absolutely founded and securely fastened on God; not politics, not power, not science, not technological breakthroughs, not wealth, not Tucano jets, not submarines, not anything man can make.

Daddy G.O gave a simple analogy of human’s helplessness and nothingness. If God wants to end humanity in just one night, He will simply see to it, that none of the over seven billion souls wake up the next day and man, must sleep. So, what is man that he is trying to recreate God in his own image.

No, it isn’t wrong to have New Year targets. Ambitions are also good, and realizing them, great. But only God determines who and what will be. The message is simple; the New Year is another opportunity to follow God, not failing science.  Blessed 2022.


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