Youths march to National Assembly to condemn restructuring

THOUSANDS of Nigerian youths on Thursday  marched to the National Assembly to call for an end to the clamour for restructuring in the country.

The youths, under the aegis of coalition of patriotic Nigerians both at home and in diaspora in defence of democracy, described restructuring as a distraction to the fight against corruption.

The group also passed a vote of confidence on President Muhammadu Buhari on his fight against corruption and his performance in the last one year.

Addressing journalists during a solidarity match for President Buhari, national coordinator of the group, Comrade Sunday Attah, said  those calling for Nigeria’s restructuring were enemies of the country.

According to him, “anyone who continues with this hostility of using demand for restructuring or any other excuse to distract President Buhari are enemies of Nigeria.

“Protests, calls for break-up and violence against economic infrastructure may intensify, but we know we will overcome the enemies of Nigeria.”

Comrade Attah further said “these insurrections, separatists’ agenda, economic sabotage, terrorism, unbridled theft of public resources and other criminal acts are the planks that paid agents are using to canvass the restructuring of Nigeria.

“They call it restructuring, but enlightened people realise that it is a cover for negotiating the partitioning of Nigeria to feudal  lords, who are waiting to rule enclaves in which they want to keep the rest of us as slaves.”

He said those calling for restructuring were the same people that sabotaged the economic growth of the country, adding that Nigeria must remain united.

His words: “Irrespective of what fine words they couch their evil intentions, our belief in the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable and we will do all the law prescribes to maintain the unity of Nigeria.

“While some may think the economy is struggling, these very vices that have been at the root of all other problems are the real problems to be tackled; once they are properly addressed, we will all see a new Nigeria arising out of the ruins it had been plunged into by previous regimes.”

He, therefore, said that his group was confident of the capability of President Buhari to steer the affairs of Nigeria.