What’s the connection between Ruth Kadiri and Alex Ekubo?

It’s not surprising to see Nollywood acts in love webs especially in movies, but when they are bringing these little connections to real life, this is where the surprises come from.

During the week, Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri posted an open letter to her future husband, on Instagram, stating her do’s and don’ts, while specifically stating that he must acknowledge her association of husbands.

The letter read “I’m writing you this letter, from the deepest part of my heart, the part that is reserved for joloff rice & goat meat, so please feel special. You must love our Lord Jesus Christ, with all sincerity, in deeds & in purpose.  I’m filled with Simple Complexities & Complex Simplicities, I’m NOT here to pay for your Ex’s mistake, I was not there when you both were “doing” so please don’t punish me.

Kadiri continues: “Please, forgive me for all I’ll say when I’m angry,  my anger really doesn’t last. I love play I don’t take myself too seriously, you shouldn’t too (nobody cares) there are more important things going on in the world.”

“Lastly, you must acknowledge the Ruth Kadiri Husband Association Worldwide (R.K.H.A) they’ve been my support structure holding me down all the while you were forming “Baddest guy fever liveth” they were here voting & encouraging my ministry, don’t come & put sand-sand in their garri.

What caught readers attention is that Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo posted the same message online and only edited the part that his future wife must acknowledge the Alex Ekubo Wives Association (AWA) as they have been his support over the years.

We are yet to find out if there is a connection between the duo, but we are watching closely.