Towards stopping religious fanaticism

According to a dictionary, religion is the belief in the existence of a God or gods and the activities that are connected with worship of them. In another way, religion is one of the systems of faith that are based on the belief in the existence of a particular God or gods.

Although there is a law which states that everyone has the right to practice their own religions, one should be careful on issues involving religion, whether the religion one practices, or the religion of another person.

We should be sincere to ourselves and act truly in the way our God dictates. If at all we need to practice our religion, then we should follow those things that God expect from us.

According to James 1.27, “pure religion and undefied before God and the father is this: to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.”

Despite the fact that many people are professing different faith, they still have evil acts manifesting in their lives.

It is also as a result of this that some people will go to the extent of killing other people who they feel have gone against their God.

This is simply religious fanaticism, and it should be discouraged in our society. We should focus on caring for the well-being of our fellow citizens.


  • Israel Wole Owolabi,


Oyo State.