Why does he support my back with pillow?

Dear Yemisi,

I want to know the reason my boyfriend always supports my back with a pillow during sex. My ex-boyfriend did not do this.

I am confused.

Omo, 08******2*5.

Dear Omo,

Are you sure you are of age to be having sex with the member of the opposite sex? How many men are you going to sleep with before you finally decide on who to settle down with?

Your former boyfriend might not have asked for a supporting pillow if he enjoyed having sex with you while the dating lasted. For your current boyfriend to be asking for pillow now suggests that enjoying having sex with you would require a pillow to give him maximum satisfaction.

I am only explaining this in layman’s language. I am sure if you ask your boyfriend why he is insisting on a pillow, he will have his reasons. The choice is yours to keep satisfying him to your detriment.

You can equally see a sex therapist to allay your fears.

Nothing from what you have written suggests to me any confusion. It is the path you have chosen.