PEBEC issues new import guidelines, procedures

In a bid to meet the objective of improving the ease of doing business in Nigeria, new procedures and guidelines for the import and export of goods have been issued by the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council (PEBEC).

The procedures include: All containerised consignments coming to Nigeria must be palletised; used spare parts must be packed in cases and the case packed in pallets. The packing list of the containers must be itemised as the goods are arranged in the containers; chemicals and imports should be accompanied with a chemical analysis and the CAS number; all Form ‘M’ goods should have the Form ‘M’ number stated in the Bill of Lading (BOL); all diplomatic goods should be indicated in the Bill of Lading; Vehicles import should have the complete 17 digits VIN inscribed on the Bill of Lading. This determines the lane the goods will fall on; to optimise containers off-loading and placement mandates that manifest and preliminary selectivity be provided to terminal operators at least 48 hours before vessel berths.

It mandates the Nigeria Customs Service to coordinate the scheduling of containers examination between all agencies, terminal operators and imports.

The new procedures further states that all rules and guidelines for examination must be followed accordingly without lapses from parties involved, as examination desk officers must submit weekly report on their activities.