Oyo govt, attend to this community

I want to ask the Oyo State government, under the leadership of Senator Abiola Ajmobi, to help us repair and dredge the Aworere river in our community. Aworere is the only river linking about six communities, namely Aba elesin, Oho, Jankata, Kuola, Idi Obi and Aba Bola,  together in Omi -Ido Local Council Development Area (LCDA) of Oyo State.

In September 2016, following a heavy downpour, about 50 buildings were devastated in the community. Our cows, goats, sheep and fish ponds were swept away by the flood.

The usual minor repairs being carried out by resident themselves  no longer yield any meaningful results. Whenever it rains heavily, many residents are trapped in their homes, sometimes for almost a week, due to the flooding.

Our roads are impassable to vehicles. We wrote letters to the Oyo State Ministry of Environment on many occasions, calling for prompt action, but all our efforts were to no avail.

We have no primary health care centre, no potable water or boreholes in our area. We do not have a public school.

We are appealing to the Oyo State governor to come to our aid and rescue us from disintegration and not leave us out in the provision of social amenities, so that we may enjoy the dividends of democracy.

Moshood Alamu

Aba Elesin, Ibadan