On Niger Delta militants’ hostilities

AFTER the meeting between President Muhammadu Buhari and some leaders of the Niger Delta, led by Chief Edwin Clark, some militants have resumed the bombing of oil installations in the region. What this tells us is simply that they are not in support of those who visited the president in Abuja.

Consequently, the resumption of attacks on oil facilities is a way to tell the Federal Government to appease and recognise them as well. I keep wondering why some people are not interested in the development of the country, but its destruction.

In every aspect of our national life, when there is chaos, some people smile to the banks, and a good example is the Boko Haram insurgency, which turned some military officers into overnight billions after pocketing the funds meant for the procurement of arms.

So what is happening in the Niger Delta is just an attempt by some disgruntled people to get audience with the Federal Government.

It is important that we know that money is not everything, but we should strive to work harder to leave a more conducive country for our upcoming generation.

If some Niger Delta militants have problems with the Federal Government, then there are channels through which they can follow to reach the leadership of the country. However, destroying oil pipelines is like compounding our problems. The environment is polluted every time a pipe is blown, and it is not the politician in Abuja who suffers it, but our people who rely on the rivers for fishing, and the land for farming.

  • Nsikan Preye,

[email protected]