We need special courts for corruption trials

I am really not happy with what I am hearing as far as corruption is concerned in this country. It is as if the stories are not true, but alas, they are.

I can’t imagine individuals stealing billions of naira that their children will not even be able to finish, while the country suffers. President Muhammadu Buhari should be supported in this anti-corruption war if we really want to rid this country of corruption.

We need to punish those who have stolen from this country. Doing so will instil fear in the minds of corrupt people in the society. We must, therefore, kill corruption before it kills the country finally.

Nigeria would have developed greatly, but corruption is our biggest problem.

I, therefore, feel that it is high time special courts were provided so that the trial of corrupt people can be speeded up.

The National Assembly should, therefore, support the president on this.

Nigerians should also demand the fast prosecution and conviction of corrupt people in the country.


Linus Kyari,