We must always seek divine intervention —Rev’d Owa

Reverend Peter Folorunso Owa is the General Overseer of Christ Revival Miracle Church. In this interview with OLAIDE SOKOYA, he speaks on happenings in Christendom and the nation, as well as the church’s annual event, ‘Fire Revival 2016’, among other issues. Excerpts:


The church’s annual event, Fire Revival 2016, clocked 30 this year. How did it start?

I thank God for the success of this year’s event. It is a programme designed by God. The programme had been an avenue of deliverance for people. It has raised hope for the underprivileged. I thank God for the divine and great testimonies recorded in years past and this year’s event. The truth is that people want to be delivered, especially from various problems they are battling with, which they find difficult to tell their relatives or even their pastors. The secret is that Satan has various ways of tormenting people, but God has brought this programme to deliver people from the captivity of the devil. I want to return all glory to God for the success recorded at this year’s programme tagged ‘Mighty Hand of God.’


When you consider the happenings from the beginning of the year, how would you describe 2016?

This year has recorded a lot of problems and calamities; yet people have persevered and trusted God for change. In fact, I cannot comprehend the mishaps the country  recorded this year; honestly it is too much. I think it  is time we all embrace righteous and holy lives.


What do you think has gone wrong with the country?

It is not applicable to Nigeria alone. What is happening all over the world today are signs of the end time, and a clear indication that the second coming of Jesus Christ is near. The scripture states in the book of Matthew 24 that: ‘In the end time, nations will rise against nations; various diseases will come into existence….’ The secret is that there is nothing man can about this than to ask God for intervention.


How did you come about the theme, for this year’s anniversary, ‘Mighty Hand of God?’

This is to show and let people witness how powerful God is, because he is the mighty Man in battle; He is the unchangeable changer and He is also a miraculous God.


What should people expect from this revival?

People should expect God’s hands in every area of their lives once they come to the revival, be it financially, spiritually, academically, physically, and morally. In fact, whatever their problems may be, they should come with them because God will lay His holy hands on them.


What is your greatest testimony since you started this programme?

All testimonies are great. However, there is the testimony of a woman with damaged womb whom doctors had written off, telling  her she couldn’t have children. God blessed her, gave her another womb, and she was able to have children.


What are some challenges you have experienced as a cleric?

The challenges are quite enormous. There are spiritual, financial, moral and physical challenges but God has been faithful.


What is your advice to young pastors and Nigerians in general?

I would advise young pastors to be more prayerful. For Nigerians, I would advise them to live as one and not give room for war.