On governing boards for Oyo public schools

The Oyo State government’s White Paper on the report of the committee on participatory management of schools is a step to end the decay in the infrastructure and non-availability of furniture, with the establishment of School Governing Boards (SGBs) for public schools in the state. It will be easy to manage the school structures and provide modern learning facilities for students and the teachers. This will, no doubt, improve the standard of education in the state.

However, it is pertinent to say that the success of the board is on the government, board members and parents. Transparency is a key factor in determining the success of government programmes and policy. In a nutshell, government should be transparent with this policy and preach same for board members.

Also, parents’ support is essential to ensure that the White Paper is implemented and the SGB model succeeds. They have been asked to continue the payment of the N1000 levy and the government has assured that this fund is meant for the development of schools. I see no reason why parents won’t contribute their quota to the revival of education in the state. While it is understandable that the N1000 may be difficult for some parents to afford, I appeal to them to strive to contribute their quota to the success of the education of their wards.

In addition, the management function is a good decision as it will improve education system in the state.

  • Esther Olowoyeye,