FG, continue with YouWin project to create jobs

I want to urge President Muhammadu Buhari to continue the YouWin project of the last administration. This project was providing entrepreneurs with the needed capital to set up their businesses.

In actual fact, many young Nigerians benefited from the project, and they are now employers of labour, paying the salaries of fellow Nigerians.

If the truth must be told, this project was able to get some people to be employed, and it is, therefore, necessary that the project is sustained.

If the president is not comfortable with the project being called YouWin again, he can order the Ministry of Finance to come up with something similar to it.

It is only small-scale businesses that can provide the opportunities for millions of Nigerians to be employed. The government cannot absorb all unemployed youths into the federal and state ministries, but opportunities must be created for businesses to be established.

One of the biggest impediments to starting one’s business is the lack of capital, and this was what the YouWin project tackled when it was launched by former President Goodluck Jonathan.

I know this administration is trying its best to come up with policies that will reduce unemployment in the country, but one of the easiest ways of doing this is supporting the ideas of business-minded youths.

We should not see all the projects executed by the last administration as bad because the former president really gave his best for the country. This particular YouWin project was one of the success stories of Dr Jonathan, and I hope that President Buhari will order the minister of finance to continue with it.

At a time when there is high unemployment in the country, as well as the economic crisis we are experiencing, then empowering Nigerians to set up their businesses will be of immense benefit to the country. I hope this government can look beyond party position and act on those  things that will lift the country out of its  current economic misery, and assisting young Nigerians to create jobs is one of the ways through which we can achieve a prosperous Nigeria.

  • Vincent Odeh,