Euro Global unveils Power Bitters Lite

Euro Global Foods and Distilleries Limited has announced the introduction of its ready to drink variant of the popular Power Bitters herbal drink,  Power Bitters Lite  drink, into the market to cater to the needs of the growing demography of Nigerian consumers who prefer reduced alcohol content in their bitters.

The company’s Managing Director, Mr Manish Uniyal, explained that the new offering,  made from natural herbs, spices and fruit extracts, blended with 6% alcohol content, is perfect for those  health conscious consumers, who still ready to indulge themselves.

The company’s Marketing Director, Mr Felix Aighobahi, explained that the decision to come up with Power Bitters Lite, was informed by feedback received from the company’s  dealers and distributors on consumers’ request for a lighter variant of Power Bitters.

“We decided to act on such feedback leading to the birth of Power Bitters Lite which we are quite certain will impact the market positively,” he stated.