She doesn’t allow me to discipline my children —Husband

He treats the children with scorn —Wife

A man, who has married his wife for 31 years, has filed a divorce suit against her before an Oja’ba/Mapo Grade ‘C’ customary court, sitting at Mapo Hall, Ibadan, Oyo State, on account that she doesn’t allow him to discipline his children when it comes to their education and that she has also poisoned their minds against him.

Bayonle Alao, a father of four, while recounting his ordeal before the court, said: “I wish for dissolution of our marriage because my wife denies me opportunity to train my children, especially when it comes to their education. She has poisoned their minds to the extent that at times, they threaten to beat me.

“My first born smokes Indian hemp. There is no more love between us. I’m fed up of her. That is all I can say,” Bayonle told the court.

While responding to the allegations against her, the defendant, Toyosi, asked her husband, “Did you see Indian hemp with your first born and did you say they have attempted to beat you?” The husband said ‘Yes.” Toyosi also asked, “Do you allow your children to enter your sitting room and are you not used to keeping food to yourself in the house?,” Bolanle said “Yes and no” respectively.

However, the court, also asked the defendant some questions:

“Do your children threaten your husband? “No,” Toyosi replied. “What is the academic level of your first born, what is the nature of his work and who bought the instruments he’s working with? “SSS 2, his work is all about building, block making and his father bought the machine for him,” she said.

“Do your children hate him? ‘No.’

“What is the level of his wickedness?” Toyosi said: ‘He used to curse them.”

‘Are you the only wife, when did your husband leave the house?’ ‘Yes. He left the house about a month ago,’ she replied. ‘Why?’ Toyosi said “I can’t say.”

The president of the court, Chief Odunade Ademola,  adjourned the case till November 29 for further hearing.