#DataMustFall: South Africans demand cheaper internet

A campaign has been launched in South Africa calling for telecom providers to reduce how much they charge for internet services.
The hashtag #DataMustFall has been trending nationwide on social media over the past 24 hours, BBC said.
This is despite South Africa having the most affordable mobile internet in Africa, according to the International Telecommunication Union.
The hashtag is a play on other campaigns such as #RhodesMustFall.
This was a call to topple a statue of colonialist Cecil Rhodes.
It was followed by a campaign against President Jacob Zuma – #ZumaMustFall.
Around three in 10 people in Africa have access to the internet.
The continent lags behind average global internet penetration, which is just under 50 per cent.
Although South African internet costs are low compared to the rest of Africa, it ranks 66th in global terms.
How much does mobile data cost? (500 MB prepaid mobile data)
. South Africa: $9/month (1.5% of average income)
.  Kenya: $5.70/month (5.9% of average income)
.  Nigeria: $12.20/month (5.4% of average income)
.  Liberia: $20/month (59% of average income)
.  US: $48.90/month (1.1% of average income)
.  UK: $16.45/month (0.47% of average income)
Source: Measuring the Information Society Report, ITU (2015)