The curses she rains on me are unimaginable,man tells court •He has not fulfilled his promise of caring for me —Wife

An Ibadan-based man, Oluniyi Oladele, has asked a Mapo customary court, Ibadan, Oyo State to dissolve the 11 year-old- marriage between him and his wife, Ranti, on the grounds of `troublesomeness and raining of curses.’

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported that Oladele said that his wife, Ranti, had almost sniffed life out of him through ceaseless troubles and raining of serious curses on him.

“Ever since l married Ranti, she has been a torn in my flesh as she does not want to see me mingling with anybody of the opposite sex.

“As a popular person in the neighbourhood who render assistance to people by carrying them in my car, she wants me to stop rendering such assistance believing that I might be having something to do with women that I assist.

“If Ranti is not pleased with anything between us, rather than making us to tackle it amicably, she resorts to raining curses that can bring about catastrophic outcome.

“Before I married her, I told Ranti that I already had a wife who had problem conceiving, she agreed to still marry me, only to start fighting my first wife later.

“Worse still, her parents are poisioning her mind against me as she no longer perform any responsibility at home.

“My lord, her parents categorically told her to demand for her own share of my property, even while I am still alive, well and kicking. Though, we got married in 2005, Ranti left my house four years ago, living irresponsibly.

“She denied me access to my three children and I want to take them because I know that their mother has exposed them to suffering and pains.

“As a matter of fact, she on a particular occasion, angrily told me that I should not think that the children belonged to me.

“The bottom line is that, I want the court to formally put an end to the union between us because we are not compatible,” Oladele stated.

However, Ranti opposed the divorce suit, citing poor economy and her love for Oladele as reasons.

“Just before Oladele married me from our church, I had a job where I was well-paid and I was dismissed after marrying him.

“He has not fulfilled his promise of catering for me, let alone the three children I had with him. In fact, he has abandoned us,” Ranti lamented.

In her testimony, a woman who identified herself as Mrs Ajani, however told the court that Oladele had in no way been a responsible husband and father.

She added that Ranti had endured agony, torture and deprivation due to lack of care.

President of the court, Mr Henric Agbaje, thanked Ajani for shedding light on the matter and advised the couple to go back home for peaceful resolution.

Agbaje adjourned the case till August 31, for judgement.