Buhari will return home safely

PDP Chieftain urges Nigerians to stop ridiculing the nation’s leaders  before International community A Chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party, Otunba Mohammed Ilupeju on Monday declared that the ailing President  Muhammadu Buhari would soon overcome his current […]

A dubious odour from Edo

The Edo State gubernatorial election has come and gone. All of us must almost spontaneously thank God for the smooth exercise despite our familiarly peculiar election hiccups here and there in the election period.  In […]

The former things are passed away

Our great, beautiful country of great and high men, sages and patriots, who are not allowed or chanced to perform their duty to their fatherland the way they should or ought to do, is entering […]

The example of David Cameron

It is universally known already that Great Britain has since voted to be no more part of the European Union. And the biggest “casualty” of that electoral exercise that has entered history and record books […]

Rheum from budget-padders

Our House of Reps will never be our House of Reps again. We all know why. That place where our parliamentarians, where our legislators, paddle budgets which they have legislated in favour of cannot be […]

Our president’s camouflage and camisade

We devoured our president’s pre-election promises and slogan with our eyes, ears and nostrils of belief.  It was so easy for us to do this. After all, why not, when his predecessor disillusioned us with […]

The republic of deception

I have just learnt from the presidency that President Buhari is “suffering from tyranny of high expectations” (see Nigerian Tribune of Monday, 15 August, 2016). All of us who read the story/report would react to […]

We want war against poverty

I have just read in this newspaper and other ones that the Buhari regime wants to relaunch his WAI (War Against Indiscipline) Brigade (see, for instance, page 5 of Nigerian Tribune of Tuesday, 09 August, […]

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