Could his repentance be genuine?

August 12, 2016 Monica Taiwo

Dear Taiwo, I am unhappy and heartbroken; I need your help and those of your teeming readers. I am passing through a situation I cannot discuss with anyone. I tried discussing with one of my […]

Soulmate Checklist

July 14, 2016 Monica Taiwo

Ola, 39, needs a lady aged between 30 and 36 for a relationship. Contact him on 07067896863. Feranmi, 32, civil-servant from Ogun State needs a lady aged between 25 and 30 who is single or […]

I’m not menstruating at 19!

July 8, 2016

Dear Monica, I am 19 and I have not started menstruating. All my friends and class mates have started long before now. I cannot tell my mummy this because she will not answer me. I […]