Bimbo Thomas is back!

After staying out of acting for months, actress, Bimbo Thomas has finally returned to the country.

The actress returned to Nigeria a few weeks ago after taking a break to deliver her baby in the United States.

It will be recalled that Thomas left Nigeria the moment she discovered she was pregnant and relocated to the US where she stayed till she was delivered of a baby boy recently.

When asked about her next plans on her return, Thomas said she would not want to rush back into acting as some of her fans have been calling on her to do so.

The actress who runs a wine store, disclosed that she returned to Nigeria to pick up from where she left.

“Yes, I am back and I am glad I did. Right now, I am just taking my time before I start shooting again. You know I just came back. As soon as everything is settled, I will be hitting the ground running,” she said.