Art365 debuts in virtual gallery

GTbank has announced the launch of its virtual arts gallery, designed to showcase and promote the nation’s artists and their works.

Tagged art635gallery, the Gallery, according to the bank, is created to re-ignite interest in African arts and drive the growth and development of the local art industry.

Speaking on the newly-launched Gallery, the Chief Executive Officer of the bank, Mr. Segun Agbaje, explained that the Gallery would serve as a platform, where Nigerian artists can upload their works and make them available to potential buyers.

According to him, with over 100 artworks from different artists in the country, the bank is more than ready to embark on that sojourn of giving back to the nation’s arts community.

He explained that unlike the usual practice where such platforms can only be accessed by a select few, the Gallery is designed for any good work of arts, with the artists not necessarily knowing anybody within the system before availing himself of the opportunity.

‘With ART635, the bank aims to further its support for African arts by helping African artworks become, not just more seen and appreciated, but also  turn them into a much more profitable and commercially viable venture for indigenous artists, who currently earn very little from their works.

‘This is in line with the bank’s initiative to go beyond the traditional understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as corporate philanthropy by intervening in economic sectors to strengthen small businesses through capacity building initiatives that serve to boost their expertise, exposure and business growth,’ he stated.

Speaking on the benefits of the new virtual Gallery, the Gallery’s curator, Mr. Uche Okpa-Iroha, described it as one that would transform the nation’s  art sector, giving the enormous goodwill, thrust and confidence GTBank enjoys from the public.

He, however, appealed to Nigerian artists to leverage the platform to enhance their careers.