Air pollution: NESREA to coordinate implementation of control measures

National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) is to establish an inter-agency committee to coordinate implementation of the various programmes aimed at controlling and regulating air pollution in the country.

This came as the Federal Government was urged to develop national emission inventories for major air pollutants and greenhouse gasses.

Stakeholders at a meeting in Abuja, who made the call, also urged the government to promote clean energy economy through development of policies and investments in more energy-efficient technologies.

They noted that the measure should also evolve concrete strategies to reduce deforestation to effectively mitigate global warming.

Reading the communique at the end of the meeting, Professor Babajide Alo urged NESREA to implement all ongoing programmes on air quality including the National Vehicular Emission Control Programme (NVECP) and emissions from power generating sets.

He said that universities and similar institutions should equally encourage research on air quality and disseminate such research findings to relevant stakeholders.

According to him, the agency should promote strategies for the adoption of modern technologies that promote fuel efficiency and emissions reduction.

He said, “Industry and business should adopt the best available environmentally-sustainable practices and technologies, including cleaner production and shun the use of obsolete and polluting technologies.

“The Federal Government should identify and encourage synergies between air pollution abatement and climate change adaptation and mitigation programmes.

“NESREA should carry out regular air quality monitoring in major cities nationwide to determine pollution load and ensure compliance monitoring and enforcement of all relevant laws and regulations relating to air pollution,” the communique added.